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Learn the holistic, evidence-supported approach used by millions to overcome emotional blocks and live a life beyond limits.


Add EFT Tapping to your resource toolkit. Therapists, nurses, doulas, coaches, and first responders use the power of EFT with their clients and patients. You don’t need a professional license to apply EFT Tapping to your legally defined scope of practice in your work with others. However, you do need to use EFT Tapping only within your legally defined scope of practice.


Add EFT training to your continuing education catalog for mental health professionals, healthcare workers, and helping professionals.

Institutions & Organizations

EFT Training for mental health clinics, anxiety treatment centers, and beyond. Book Joan for a customized training for your staff.


Train your staff to use EFT Tapping. It has been shown to help reduce pain and anxiety with patients. Debrief trauma survivors and their families. Give your staff self-care tools for compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma. Great for hospitals, private practices, and emergency responder organizations.

“Joan’s EFT training was invaluable. Her expertise, thoroughness, and support have helped me achieve positive outcomes with my clients since completing Level 2. Thanks Joan.”

Google Reviews

aarushi shoryaarushi shory
21:29 28 Mar 23
Joan gave us an incredible chance to learn about EFT. Her teaching approach, her enthusiasm, everything is lovely and soothing. Her knowledge of EFT and the approach she teaches with is beautiful and inspiring. She stated that it is alright to make mistakes, and I am eager to begin my EFT adventure and learn from my mistakes. Thank you, Joan, for educating us and sharing your journey with us.
M AndreaM Andrea
20:58 25 Mar 23
I had the pleasure of participating in Joan's level 1 EFT training yesterday and look forward to completing level 2 training in April. Joan is very empathic and passionate about her EFT path. Thank you Joan, from your new Canadian friends.
Cody O'NeillCody O'Neill
00:34 25 Mar 23
Joan provided a wonderful training to a large group of therapists in Canada. The participants in the training were located across Canada, from Coast-to-Coast. Joan's story telling, years of experience, and enthusiasm for EFT had us all clinging onto every word she spoke. Even at the end of a long day of training, everyone was still in their seats and learning right up until the last minute. Thanks Joan for hosting us, and thank you for bringing us together to learn from you.
Sarah MurphySarah Murphy
19:12 10 Feb 23
Joan is one-of-a-kind. You can rely on her expertise as well as her keen intuition, intelligence, and compassion to guide you through challenging times. There are thousands of therapists in PA. Go with Joan.
Kristine Le RoyKristine Le Roy
03:52 24 Jan 23
I was blessed to have the opportunity to take EFT level 1-2 with instructor Joan Kaylor. I enjoyed every aspect of this course. Joan is knowledgeable, caring and very passionate about EFT. I really appreciate her encouragement to ask questions, the hands on EFT practice, and her willingness to help her students be successful. I am feeling confident and am excited to continue learning and practicing EFT. Thank you, JoanKristine Le Roy
Michele MyersMichele Myers
19:56 12 Oct 22
About 20 years ago I went to see Joan for a much needed release of some past memories that were affecting my personal relationships. Not really believing in tapping or psychotherapy I thought I would try. I thought I was too “ hard headed” for the process to work but it DID work! Ms Kaylor was able to help me not only forget the past trauma ( even 20 years later) but has given me the opportunity to believe in the tapping process and recommend it to others. I will forever be grateful to you Ms Joan Kaylor!! Thank you for your amazing gifts!! ❤️🤗
Deb GlowackiDeb Glowacki
20:47 30 Apr 18
I cannot begin to explain what empowerment Joan has brought back into my life. With the use of her EFT (Tapping) & Matrix Reimprinting modalities there is nothing we cannot accomplish together! It is positively successful. And, we have our sessions via the computer! Joan is a ray of sunshine & I am forever grateful for our work together. I would not hesitate to refer Joan to anyone in need of her services.


Download your *FREE* EFT Client Handbook.

In it, you’ll find the tools used by millions worldwide to live a life beyond limits.


EFT tools can be helpful for in-the-moment interventions and have been shown to create rapid results.
Depending on your scope of practice, here are some of the potential benefits of EFT Tapping

  • ZTap into the mind-body connection with cognitive somatic tools
  • ZAddress the source of self-limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns, anxiety, depression, trauma quickly and effectively
  • ZHelp clients, patients, and staff form neuropathways for a happy, resilient life
  • ZWork with trauma with distancing techniques, intended so clients don’t have to relive difficult memories
  • ZSupport others through unconscious emotional blocks to success, joy, and freedom.
  • ZDebrief trauma survivors and their families to help them begin the noble work of processing, healing, and recovering

Healthcare Professionals

  • NHospice Workers
  • NDeath Doulas
  • NMidwives & Birthing Doulas
  • NChiropractors
  • NNurses
  • NEmergency & First Responders
  • NNutritionists
  • NDieticians
  • NPhysicians
  • NNeuroscientists
  • NPhysicians Assistants
  • NOccupational Therapists

Mental Health Providers

  • NLicensed Professional Counselors
  • NLicensed Professional Social Workers
  • NAddiction Counselors
  • NMarriage & Family Therapists
  • NPastoral Counselors
  • NPsychotherapists
  • NPsychologists

Helping Professionals

  • NLife Coaches
  • NSports Performance Coaches
  • NHealth & Wellness Coaches
  • NBusiness Coaches
  • NPersonal Trainers
  • NNeurofeedback Practitioners
  • NSchool Counselors
  • NGuidance Counselors
  • NEnergy Medicine Practitioners
  • NReiki Masters
  • NCorporate Wellness Program Managers
  • NNonprofit Leaders
  • NSocial Workers
  • NSocial Service Volunteers
  • NMeditation Teachers
  • NYoga Instructors



Learn EFT Level 1 and Level 2 in just three days. Joan offers Level 1 and Level 2 LIVE, IN-PERSON trainings. Register as an individual professional. Or sign up your entire team or organization.

Book a private EFT Training Event for your facility or organization.


After successfully completing EFT Level 1 and Level 2, you have the opportunity to earn your EFT Tapping practitioner certification under the gentle guidance of Joan Kaylor, an experienced EFT trainer.


Complete your yearly continuing education credits with Joan Kaylor, an accredited EFT Tapping Trainer.