What is EFT Tapping?

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques.

EFT Tapping is an innovative energy technique considered part of the field of Complementary & Alternative Medicine. EFT Tapping looks at and seeks to address stressors and imbalances within an individual’s energy system, as well as the energetic impact of how thoughts, beliefs, and emotions can influence the health and well-being of an individual. The theory behind EFT Tapping is that the cause of all negative, challenging, and/or stressful emotions and limiting beliefs is a disruption in the body’s energy system. It is believed that EFT Tapping helps clear these disruptions, thereby restoring the flow and balance of the body’s electromagnetic and more subtle energies. EFT Tapping uses gentle self-administered tapping on acupressure points located on the face and upper body. Please refer to the Disclaimer for further information.

Is EFT Tapping related to EMDR?

Great question! EFT is not related to EMDR, but the techniques can complement each other. Knowing both can help licensed mental health professionals offer an integrated approach to treatment.

EFT uses specific acupressure points, while EMDR uses simple bilateral tapping or eye movement.

The most crucial difference between EFT and EMDR is the emotional distance from a stimulus that EFT offers. Effective treatment using Tapping can be accessible without reliving challenging or traumatic memories. EMDR, while potent, can trigger difficult memories and hard-to-process emotions that may delay positive treatment outcomes.

How does EFT work?

EFT Tapping is believed to work by calming the nervous system and creating a safe container. Once calm, the unconscious can unlock new understandings and can get to the root of a problem. This can help clients let go of negative thought patterns, process un-processed events or emotions, and form new, healthy neuropathways.

Is EFT Tapping Certification only for Licensed Healthcare Professionals?

No. You can use EFT Tapping to help others, including yourself, family, friends, and clients. You do not need to be a licensed health care professional. However, both licensed and unlicensed practitioners can only use EFT Tapping within their legally defined scope of practice. As part of the EFT Tapping training I offer, you will have the opportunity to learn about scope of practice issues and the related ethics surrounding your role as a licensed or unlicensed professional.

How many live, in-person EFT Tapping Trainings do you offer each year?

I offer two live, in-person EFT trainings each year in the Pittsburgh area. I also book private training for institutions and organizations.

Where do you offer live, in-person training?

In Pittsburgh. But, I travel nationally and internationally for private training for institutions and organizations.